Note To Self – Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance – Hunch – Instinct – ESP – Discernment – Divination – Feeling – Foreknowledge – Inspiration – Perception – Penetration – Premonition – Presentiment – Gut Reaction – Innate Knowledge – Intuitiveness – Second Sight – Sixth Sense

When you get a psychic hit
take notice
write it down, tell the person when appropriate
track your progress

Do Not shrink away
from your own intuition
you may see this as initiation
to be of service to others

This is a message you are
connected to the first sound
Emanating forth from the Large Heart
Home, where the hearts’ beat was born

whispering today in thine ear.
:: Thank you Father Universe
for this blessing of life :: May we who wish to heal, heal!
May my, may our suffering be draped in a shawl of beauty

a sacrifice to replenish empathy.
We may write into our own future
building from today with though forms
that will become the solid ground of our future.

Wish well, wish big
And Listen to the Intuition
whispering in the ear
as if you could hear the wind speaking to you



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