Feed the Dreamers


I can tip toe around the subject
so daintily that you will never

suspect my heart ache unless you are also
a dreamer and you happen to look into my eyes

(or look into my poems)

If you are one who listens to the wind
you will then suspect I am a dreamer wandering lost

A dreamer in need of hearing your dreams
to ease the feeling of the saddened soul and dream again

This is how it works time by time I think
We shall be the dreamer so bold and free

Lest we turn to be the dreamless
wandering restless and pacing the night

All Hail the Dreamers
who dream of bright futures for us all

A poem that changes the world?
You laughed at me, and said it could never be

But dreamers wandering lost will waken into Sunlight
and find others to commiserate with after the dark

And find the images I have hidden in these lines
that breath love into the heart of a wanderer

hidden are lines that feed the heart of a dreamer
lost, drunk, sleeping or awake.

Do not forget to feed the dreamers.

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