The Law of One: Reality is Beyond Earths Understanding of TimeSpace



RA: The Law of One explains the Universe
“Reality is Beyond Earth’s current Understanding of Time/Space”


The Law of One States: You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.


Jim McCarty is a living testament to the miracle of the contact made with RA during our lifetime, an event that expands earth’s consciousness to a new level of awareness as we ascend into the 4th dimension.  Jim was the scribe and the anchor to maintain the frequency of the contact with RA. His interview with Lost Knowledge gives a comprehensive and compelling account of the RA Material not heard before.  He covers a range of topics including how our incorrect understanding of Time/Space prevents us from comprehending UFO’s, the purpose and hierarchy of the 500 member Federation of Planets in our solar system and the Council of Nine from the Rings of Saturn, the history of life forms on various planets surrounding Earth including past civilizations on Mars, Maldek, Venus and from Earth Atlantis, Mu and the colonization period of the Annuacki, how the Law of One relates to religious doctrines and much more.  To listen to the show:


In the Law of One, RA explains why we cannot understand UFO’s:  simply because it is a concept beyond our current understanding of reality.  We see the physical universe as only a three dimensional realm when in reality many other dimensions exist. Other densities vibrate at different frequencies. A reality is created in one density.  But the key is that Densities interpenetrate with our physical space and mutually coexist, sometimes with little awareness of each other.


The other main reason we can’t understand UFO’s, extraterrestrials and history is that in our illusion, our science is based on the incorrect assumption that Time is linear and one-dimensional.  When we recognize that Time has a field like space, then we can grasp that we can travel thru Time. That starts to explain how UFO s travel thru time and space so quickly and how they can materialize in our dimension by lowering their vibration.


In the 1980’s in 106 sessions conducted with RA, Don Elkins, PhD and Professor of Physics at University of Louisville extracted data that explains the true scientific nature of the universe at a level far beyond our current science, but now in 2013 it is finally reaching the realm of acceptance by most physicists. The Unified Field Theory by Dewey Larson is the closest approximation to the true understanding of the science of Time/Space and Dimensions.


The purpose of the RA contact was to aid Earth beings in mental evolution so they can advance to the next level in consciousness.  This means a greater understanding of our physical universe and our evolution as a soul.  Blending science with spirituality bridges the gap found in our distorted focus that isolates one from the other.  There is no science without spirituality and vice versa. They are the same. It is a unified universe of thought, action and belief.


The way to experience reality is thru meditation.  Astral travel is available as a means to explore the universe.  Love/Light are the only keys to entry. Positive orientation will create more light and broaden our concept of reality.  This is done thru inner work and transformation according to RA.


UFO contact you currently experience is a reality designed specifically as an opportunity for you to align with either positive or negative energy – with love/light or not.  Be aware of your power of discernment and follow the truth as you know it as you make the choice.


According to RA, the choice is NOW, it is the time of harvest or graduation of souls. Since 2012, Earth is in the process of transformation into the 4th density, and leaving the 3rd density requires a choice. Souls here on earth have been incarnating over and over, forgetting almost everything from past lives as we redo and reencounter soul lessons during each individual lifetime.   Souls or beings here on earth now have a chance to evolve, to graduate from this level and move to a higher vibration because the Earth is shifting into another density.  We must choose between service to self or service to others and have a positive orientation to graduate to the 4th density.


The 4th density positive orientation service to others is a joyful place to experience soul growth and souls there have expanded abilities of thought and consciousness, understanding their soul’s code thru all incarnations without the veil of forgetting.  Many who are incarnating now here on earth are already in 4th density bodies.  The determination of graduation is made upon our natural death based on how we choose to live our lives. For so long we have been stuck in the lower chakras dominated by fear-based greed, manipulation and a control system  designed by negative forces that seek service to self and power over others. They will not graduate to the 4th density positive Earth.




The control over earth beings is infallible as long as we stay asleep and let them continue to destroy our spirit by invoking fear.  They can only use us if we let them. Some of us won’t have the power or the courage to overcome the immense amount of pressure put on our minds to comply, but those of us who can, will not be subjected to mind control. We will not be tolerant of their torture. We will not comply with turning our hearts to stone and hurting our neighbors. We are the ones who know what we have is stronger, more powerful, and a force that they cannot overcome.  The Power of the Spirit that carries positive energy, the light source, the goodness that manifested in us as an original soul will bring us back to ONE.  RA assures us that the light will prevail as we move to our destiny.

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