The Sacrificial Mother

A mother’s sacrifice is one of the most powerful and loving and tender gifts of grace given on our Earth

She does it for you

That you may see a world she will never know and bring this incredible powerful love she’s sewn into your heart to live in that world

She gives up her own comfort at times her sleep, her hunger, her peace of mind

Her own body sewn you together with the Creator

Her dreams are sometimes put aside to feed you

Or do her dreams feed you while you sleep?

And she would lay across you to protect you from any danger

It’s the mother who is sacrificed

but it’s the only way

As her love is the strongest thing in the world

Yet she alone weeps in the night and there are magic potions made with the tears that may heal you when she’s silent

Becaue of this unique love she would gladly die for you to live


The one she spun inside herself and traveled to the ethers to birth here

She did not sacrifice for any man to kill this love and that one she spun

She will first die herself

She will battle all to save you

She is like the last Viking standing
with her sword

singing the ancient song without words

That he may have all the widsom before blades destroy her

She is brave in the face of death

Because of her love for you

And she will live to sing to him again

Even if that song may only echo in his heart

It is infinite and can never be broken by death

She would become the wind to touch your cheek and sing as

The invisible untouchable breeze *

The indefinable atom of Creation *

As our mother earth does for us now Gives all that she is

Left maimed and broken many children have forgotten she exists

Yet her resounding strength to exist and the love and her wisdom never cease

They are the creases we see in the broken dried dirt

The volcanoes erupt and the skies drown us in rain

the earth cracks and men dig into her with things man should not bear against their mother

Yet here we are

And beautiful waterfalls and birds and streams and mountains still exist

Her bloody oil still spilling

Her forests of hair on fire

Yet the birds still sing in my valley

And fruit for us still grows

and seeds still sprout

and flowers bloom, and

The magic of the sacrificed mother is alive and well

For now


*Ho’oponopono Prayer



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