Thought Archive #2 – What if Imagination is Really Telepathy?


In all our uniqueness we are all connected,
via one source that connects all.

so say ancient teachings and now quantum physics.
also so say I, from direct experience.

If we are all connected,
What is imagination?

What is thought but
bits and bytes of information
that is all connected?

We are taught that we are isolated alone inside ourselves.
That is not true! We are alive with energy, never static and quite not alone.

our Imagination must be present to create a different state of existence than what we are experiencing right now.
According to the principal of mentalism for something to manifest it must exist first in the state of the mind

So, that would mean that

Dreamers help manifest the world others enjoy
Muses in solitude manifest mans’ destiny
Monks who meditate in a cave for 30 years are very much a part of society.

So, what if I am writing words thought by many, thought by you?
What if I am just grabbing things that have already been thought before?
What is mine to imagine?

What if imagination is tapping into this pathway of thought
that connects us all?

What if I have to write this and just imagine that it matters?

What if imagination is really telepathy?

  1. I really enjoyed that. Thank you for writing this. You’ve expressed in so many words how I’ve always felt. Imagination is a gift, and a unbelievable tool that can be used by everyone. Despite what people may say, everyone has an imagination that’s creating our reality layer by layer at a time. To feel the connection we share is the best high anyone could ever have. To be separate yet intertwined, always.

    1. right one, one love ❤

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