I Dreamt I was Cast Alone at the Center of the Earth

I dreamt I was cast alone at the center of the Earth aft being
cut free from SS Life Mundane to drift alone as flotsam in the
I drifted pass the sharp point of reality. I fasted on rainbows
I floated on reverie and I remembered I am an initiated lover lost in the
of time. My awakened love awaits you across 7 oceans, 3 jungles
and 1 desert. Up and across a high mountain top down to the valley
I found myself here where birds sing my joy, where my blood is metered
by pounding wings. Spring is sparking never ending
of whispering ancient trees reaching to meet wild flowers so luscious so lovely
with nectar so sweet the bees are all swaggering drunks
with fire honey so golden and bold only gods may feast on it
And feast we will as to enter here is to know we are a
for what is above, echos below. What is within is mirrored without

I was born ancient, golden and ripe here.

To bathe in these waters is to sacrifice the wound from this world
to freedom all mistrust of the mystical practice of Universe in
waters so clear we may see straight into the soul with the eyes of the Moon
gently away the rusted wounds we each achieve bumping around in our lives
like blinded bulls in a china shop. Stomping and thrashing to be free from the
that bind oh so invisibly, yet constrict against our sacred bodies with full feeling
none of this resides here. Only thick moss, water over smooth rocks, and trees
the roundness of all that is holy and spiraling out to reach the heavens we
are made from to bring the kisses and songs of the angels, stars and galaxies to us to
this longing of being human. As I awake from my dream unwilling to forget the prayers
written into the grasses, mountains and trees. I will recite them to every bee I see
someone must remember how to get back. My love awaits you ungreeted in my dream. I trust the Mystical Practice of the Universe.




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