Thought Archive #3 – We Are Not Apart From God



 We Are Not Apart From God

Religion forgets to tell the devout parishioner that we are part of God, not apart from God.  That the temple awaits infinitely within. That we may worship at any time.  We need not wait for a priest to send prayer to God.  We need no translator to speak with God.  To attend church one may look to the nearest flower, bird, sea shell, listen to the wind or observe any part of natural creation that naturally exists in front of us.  Appreciate the nature, see that God exists right there in a flower.  Feel the gratitude that organically erupts.  There, we are attending church with humble gratitude toward natural existence.




Evaluate Energy and Environment

If nothing natural exists in front of us, around us, maybe we should evaluate the matrix of man made energetic constraints which are sold to us as “Society”.   The binding of nature embodied in the energy of man made things.  Religion is man made.  Were we not left to a perfect earth which would provide all that was needed?  Nature is not a perversion to avoid.


TYPVS Sympathic VS Micro VS mega cosmo

 Did God Make Mistakes in Creation?

Did God make mistakes with our immune system leaving it half finished?  So that we need vaccines injected to be healthy?

Did God make mistakes leaving healing plants all over the earth?  Let us ask these questions before investing more into binding energetic cages of thought forms engendered by anti-human objective.

It is an anti-human agenda to refuse any man the use of what God has left by ways of threats with injury, imprisonment or even death.  The energetic environment cities create are a form of energetic human enslavement.  Cities are a form of enslavement, spiritually rooted.


Heart Electromagnetic Field - Heart Math matrix76_01 enslavement-kissvorticesSTANDINGWAVEStumblr_lpbs8iJB2i1qdoc1go1_500


Religion is a Form of Enslavement

Religion is another man made energetic structure of enslavement.  So is money, we could go on and on.  The more people who believe in religion, chemicals for food and health, holding money as sacred, cramming inside cities, the more distorted the collective consciousness is. Unconscious collective though it may be.  What has become of man who cowers from the stars and moon under artificial light and roofs?  What does this say about the subconscious?  Further in, what is the symbolism involved in cities or religions?  We must shed the energetic constraints of bondage, be in in what ever thought form existing within our conscious/subconscious.  How do we do this?


Micro Macro

We Are Never Alone

We do this is so many ways.  We sit in the Sun.  We hear the hawk squalling. We condition ourselves to nature.  Feeling the warmth of the Sun is to be at one with God.  This is proof God exists.  We are held and upheld to achieve by so many unseen hands.  We permeate the ethers.  We must never be afraid to be alone, as we are not.


the hill

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