Let Your Heart Lead You to a Place Called Home

so here we are again at the end
which is just another beginning
as time is an echo so am I

we are echos of the past and future reverberating now
i don’t have words today, just echoes

we are all echos of one bliss, one love, one life
or we can distort love and echo fear, doubt, destruction, pain, & loss
it’s only how we cut perception that manifests reality

if i could sift my thoughts from infinity
to here properly

you would see why I do what I do
why I must be who I am.
there is no one else who can do it

I had this dream
so I came to this moment
I bow and say
I am a dancing thought and I have a gift for you

this is why I have no words for you today
there are no words to suffice anymore anyway

the word-front store-front is closed
we’re all out of fresh words
consciousness is more sincere and it’s not for sale

I again came to the city
I quickly became a mute and lost my voice
forgot to write

it’s like there is sunshine everywhere but still being frozen
it’s like drifting in a sea of salt water and dying of thirst
it’s like being sustained on consciousness with no one around
but non dreamers blathering on about nothing that quantumly matters

I came to the city and became a statue
in the midst of the muffled din – the rambling of the insane
professing their false sanity believing their false reality
with a faith that was once saved only for gOd

this is where I forgot to how to call on your name

I gave up all dignity and
I cried for you.
I shook and trembled trying to remember how to find you
how to feel the love

which made me the child crying
for gOd’s love
and forgetting I hold within the spark of gOd’s love
the longing and answer given all in one sob
which is sad because the crying
is denying what truly exists

the very ache for gOd proves gOd exists
the longing alone is the response and proof

we all see now the world we’re sold doesn’t even exist
that means anything can happen, just imagine
information creates quantum fractals

let’s fractal our way out of fear, out of here, and into love
each moment brings this choice again and again
truly nothing else matters, it’s all a dancing illusion
this is all an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things

change your perception, this changes the field which connects all
we are biological consciousness computers
and consciousness programs reality

we may be wise to take control now consciously
from the molecular level up

somewhere a part of you exists as the One
all love comes from unity, unity is gOd, the Creator, the Source

there is no lust in me save the breath within the one
there is no other glory to be found in me save the one
there is only one awe which exists
there is only one, there is no division
there is no real spiritual path, only experience

within the single expression of one being
there is only identity
the highest expression of identity is unity
we are the holy trinity body, spirit, mind

if the self is accessed humbly with open seeking as intent
one can see we are fractals of one
and it all comes down to the choice
each moment brings us

two cosmic paths exist
the two paths express one life
there is only experience
what do you choose?

the two paths are
unity through love
separation through control
unity through love offers its service to others
separation through control offers its service to self

this is the choice
which path do your decisions have you on?

this is what those who seek to control and destroy the heart of humanity are doing serving the slave of self
seeking to enslave others in through their free will decision to serve self above all else
one day to rise any further they will have to access the heart they’ve bypassed for aeons
one day they will find there is no glory in their gruesome path and they will choose to return to love
they will choose to give up all for love, they will not be able to avoid it any longer
the pain of separation can only rise so high

they will choose to karmically pay to unite with love to return to unity
they will go thru many incarnations reaping the all the pain and destruction they once caused –
they will do this because the ache for love in unity is just that strong
so do not fall for their trickery now!
as you’ll go on this path with them and feed their cycle with your fear
you will also fall into separation

to avoid this
be the love you want to see in the world
this is how to cosmically win in spite of them
with heart

ultimately there is only one life, one love,
only one of us here
somewhere inside you may know this
in your own way you feel this
somewhere a part of you already exists – has always existed
as the One, the Source, the all

matter barely exists in the quantum field.
consciousness may be the absolute richness of the ever more present space
all space may be conscious
and we are the conscious space dancing in this matter
our atoms never even touching

every thought and fantasy we create reflects a genuine reality in some dimension
there are infinite dimensions
the choice to follow love
can bring the assumed impossible into a probable reality.
fractal the way there following the path of emanating love

so I woke up today and remembered I am fearless
why fear?
one is only fearing the self

all i doubt about the world
is what I doubt about myself

all I love in the world is a reflection of the Source

so which is true, which is illusion?

I am astonished at the fullness of my heart
How can such a heart hold this much
doubt so often
and still live to take in/give more?

if you ever feel lost, get lost in some city
remember the wind is ever free
and return to yourself

you never lost anything
you are whole here and now
you got distracted, looked away
so give up searching
let your heart lead you to a place call home
return to yourself.


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