Occupy Yourself

There is a window of opportunity with the momentum of the occupy “this” protests popping up everywhere and building gaining support from diverse places. Now is the time that a general strike will be most effective and embrace the emerging spirit of resolve building amongst the people at long last. Plenty of people are willing to leave the security of their homes and engage in indefinite non violent rebellion on the streets. Shouldn’t it stand that even more would be willing to do the same in their own homes in solidarity with those brave souls that have taken to the streets in an effort to free us all from the clutches of this greedy evil machine?

No more one day strikes and protests, no more just doing this once a month. We are here to stay It’s time to gather all the fortitude that can be mustered and start “occupy yourself” and not relent until this beast falls once and for all.

There is a window of opportunity in which this will resonate with the people and it can be built upon the growing momentum of the ongoing actions adding enough fuel to the fire in which the overlords will be powerless to extinguish. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their world. The larger numbers join in, the harder and faster this scourge upon our world will be crushed. Time is of the essence. Unending resolve will be what ends this.

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