Ŀ☼√Ξ •♥• ÅĿĿ Ѡåϒδ

Ŀ☼√Ξ •♥• ÅĿĿ Ѡåϒδ

Long ago I decided it would be better to love and lose than never love at all
I decided that love is the breath, love is the whole reason for existing…

If soldiers fight for peace.. then I live life… to love
I am as loyal to my cause as any hardened soldier who’s ever been in battle

yet there is no battle in my cause.

I have my wounds…each with it’s own story. each wound tells how to melt the metals of life’s troubles into the alchemy of love.
can you see past them, can you see me?

how I learned to love without trusting another with my heart?

I am so flawed I am pious
I am so flawed to move another notch would bring me to the perfect beginning once again.

I am, by thinly veiled design, the threshold to other dimensions. In my ending is my beginning.
I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing**

I cannot put on the standard, routine, nothing exceptional mask any longer
I am a flawed human awakening to creation and quantum perfection

all flaws are perceived thus only illusion
so I breathe, and i love…which feels more real to me than any matrix, however much it hurts at times.

and I’ll never admit that I told the moon last night – I am afraid.

How do I love if I am so imperfect?
this i whispered into the wind knowing it would answer

and the wind did say –

★ If the divine was perfect there would have been no need for creation
For the flaw is what makes you unique and individually beautiful

If all was perfect then all would be alike, a clone, a copy
You would be a hive mind with hearts of cold steel

Unlike a flaw, perfection can be easily cloned and copied
It is by no accident for the flaw is what makes you divine

For those that conspire against humanity and desire it to fail
Have turned you into a hive mind selling you the promise of perfection

To perceive implies you are separate from that which is perceived
Rather articulate, create  and express so others may perceive

Memories are not stored in your mind nor brain
they are stored in your heart, the heart of your soul

And when you awaken from the physical these memories remain with you
The memories you carry like a fire in your heart transcend all that is

The winds of change are now almost upon us
No matter, whatever happens, where ever you be

know that I love you all-ways ★

this is the wisdom, and the ways of the wind.

So as each new terror struck alignment passes – every shift, comet, binary star planet X or intelligently controlled space ship headed for earth…

I have found life isn’t about the doom that’s coming. It’s in the love we find, and share.
we are the alchemy of love in human form.

This chance and opportunity is nothing to sneeze at.
It is not the earth changes that bring about our changes

it’s the love found in the spaces in-between.
We need each other, and this is no weakness, it’s empowerment.

Let’s walk together as we wander deeper into these realms of the unreal.

by Sofia Spacekimono www.spacekimono.com
Featuring the wind :: Raphiem www.missionignition.net★
contact ☆ spacekimono@gmail.com

** from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

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