Spinning IS at the end of the World :: End of time :: Part One

Spinning IS at the Edge of the World : End of Time

Sofia sits here at the end of the world

the edge of the world

the end of time

blinking hard

against the stark illusion

Sofia says

What happened to the World?

In the Illusion constructed of Separation–

Feet dangling over the Edge of the World—

At the End of Time.

A heart like the delicate wings of a butterfly

This matrix tries to shred my wings

as I attempt to fly.

I tried to soon I guess, The world not yet ready

For me to fly….

Listen then, says the muse–

So sacredly I scroll these words to you:

Sufi of the Seven sisters

As sparking cosmic beings shine


YOU are made of the Sun

The Sun




Spirals spun

Silk and Stars


There is more beloved

Ever More.

The thirst of your longing


Waking up after a nightmare

The muse stands to comfort

With spring blue water

And that water– it tastes like


The muse is set to

Journey, explore–

Ready to spin spirals

We roll thru waves

Of ether.

-you are but becoming-

she silently whispered

We are but unraveling

The human

Jagged tatters

The fractal mind in veil

-We are but becoming-

back to One.

Stars not matter

And shall we whisper,

Never more?

Never More.

as once before

all were/are









Trine, troka, trice

Striking time

What is this time?
Where is this time?

In the cyclical wave

Not the linear line…?

It is here sweet sister

This still place here by the water

Ethers sweeping soft, liquid inertia

Draw down your face to water

Fear not!

For you shall not perish

You shall not


Yet just



Look upon the reflection found

the mirrored image and death are one

yet none.

always–you are perfect

always–safe and sound.

Look at they self with a gentle eye

deep and smartly hidden

do you not also


The Infinite Universe

shining back

at thee–?!

As the sparkle does shine

In thine eyes.

none is all

all is none

one is all

all is one

one is love

love is one

love is one

one is love

the one IS the love

the love IS light

light IS love

all just IS….

Infinite and unbound, unwound

As time itself disappears

Into the enveloping wave

The unbound slave

Unwound days

Unslaved waves

Whispering ever more

Ever more

Cosmic surfers

Are drawn to this harbor

Harbingers of change

Harbingers of freedom

The bringers of the tomorrow

The babes’ first breath

stay free

(((she whispers into the roaring blaze)))



to be continued….

By Sofie G.


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